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The Journal of Crime and Society focuses on thought-provoking studies about crime and society—and the dynamics of law enforcement and criminal justice in between.


The Journal of Crime and Society

Deadline: August 1, 2022

The Journal of Crime and Society
Perspectives on Crime Statistics: October 2022 edition

The Journal of Crime and Society is seeking original, previously unpublished articles for the inaugural October 2022 edition. The theme of this peer-reviewed edition concerns various perspectives on crime statistics—how they are used, misused, exploited, and censored.

Studies that examine misperceptions of crime, statistics, and media that appeal to both an academic and general audience are highly desirable.

For the upcoming issue about Perspectives on Crime Statistics, some topics include, but are not limited to:

    • censorship of crime data and statistics
    • crime and crime statistics
    • crime narratives and myth-making in news and social media
    • victim and offender crime data and statistics
    • other related topics concerning crime data and statistics


Submissions should follow APA 7 style

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The Journal of Crime & Society is an open access journal published digitally and available without subscription or registration. We believe in free speech—and open access to ideas.

Forthcoming Issues

October 2022: Perspectives on Crime Statistics

January 2023: Defunding & Defending: Politics & Policing Revisited

April 2023: Leadership in Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice

July 2023: Beyond America: International Perspectives of Crime, Society, & Law Enforcement

Academics—not advocacy.

No agendas. No advocacy. And no nonsense. The Journal of Crime & Society focuses on uncensored thought-provoking ideas and perspectives based on real-world circumstances and applications concerning criminal justice.

No woke-minded nonsense here.

All kinds of philosophical, theoretical, and methodological approaches to law enforcement and criminal justice are welcome.

However, (post-)post-modern and critical theory studies void of empirical evidence or real-world experience are best suited for other journals.

This is not a publication for “social justice” and armchair advocacy.

This is a peer-reviewed academic journal that seeks truth and facts based upon empirical research—not advocacy fiction.

Challenging and (re)thinking misperceptions welcome...

As thought-provoking peer-reviewed journal, we welcome research that challenges to myths and misperceptions about crime, society, (news/social) media, law enforcement, corrections, and criminal justice.